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construction, aerial survey, volumetric, stockpile, cut and fill


the brief

Request Lift was tasked by Ribble Reclamation to gather volumetric data on stock piles and document how the site could be managed more efficiently.


With this mission we only needed to fly for around 4 hours using autonomous safe systems to gather the relative data to give us a 3d model output in which the volumetric data can be taken along with the an Orthomosaic map was supplied so the Yard can plot where new stock can be applied more accurately to save time and money.



Whilst we were gathering this data we can also obtain (in the same flight time) high resolution stills and 4k video for website promotion.

the results

Volumetric data is vital for a client like Ribble Reclamation. In their yard, they have thousands of piles of stock which is ever-changing. With one simple flight, we were able to give them near-real-time data on their stock through volumetric calculations. Comparable to one of their staff going out and physically measuring with a tape measure saves approximatley 5 days worth of work.




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